Teaching philosophy

Thank you for considering piano education for your child. You are adding richness to your child’s life.

Learning the piano is an investment and a long-term commitment for all parties. As a piano teacher I love to be part of this process.  Being involved in your child’s music education is enjoyable and challenging.

My philosophy is that:

All children have musical talent and are teachable. God has been so gracious to give His children this wonderful musical world. Children can achieve the greatest potential and musical growth through listening to music, imitating sound, and mimicking what they have observed.

Music benefits the whole person. Through music, all children can become confident, self expressive, creative, and happier. In other words, music promotes a healthy social life.  

Parents should observe and be involved in their children’s learning. Parents play an important role in their children’s learning. The parent’s role is to provide a practicable environment, such as a well-lighted room, where they will not be interrupted, with an acoustic piano, height appropriate bench (to the child’s age), and a metronome.  Most importantly, they need to support and encourage their children to practice consistently.

Teachers should know how to adjust their teaching methods according to each student’s learning style. Every student is unique and special. Therefore, a teacher’s most important job is to know his/her students’ needs, understand their potential and guide them in their musical development. A proverb says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”  To truly help my students, I believe that I need to assist them to develop life-long musical learning and appreciation.  Through Teacher-Parent-Student team work, we can enhance our student’s life.